About Us

Asia Commodities JSC (ACC)


Established in Oct 2002 by Registration No 4102011959 then from a Liability Limited entity, Asia Commodities Company (ACC) incorporated into Asia Commodities Joint Stock Company in Oct 2010 with total share value up to 5,680,000,000VND.

In the business course, our Vision is clear and realistic.
Asian commodities are unique but under evaluated and being sold cheaply.
Taking into consideration our current comparative advantages such as perfect location, low overhead, market knowledge and relationships, we are dedicated to becoming a reliable and professional commodities trading company.

Our Missions are on practical and correct foundations .
We pursuit to apply modern, effective management approaches, highly concentrated and professional way of work to our workforce.
We aim to expand in world market meantime to tighten up relationship with local partners in various forms such as shareholders, stakeholders, partnership etc… to bring our value chain to higher level and dimension.
We set up ourselves as a well-known and trust-worthy commodities trading company while adhere to our primitive and absolute mission: Adding values to Asia.

Our trade desk is run by active and veteran Traders with Position tightly managed by Risk Controller.
Finance division is masterly-minded managing cash-flow in and out smoothly while Quality team works expertly on site to ensure claim-free shipment.
Operational cost is economical so as our offer can be competitive even in dollar to support sales.

Remaining upbeat about our future, agreed by our share-holders, most of the earnings will be retained for investment and expansion of the ACC.
Having built our position secured in current markets, we are expanding to other commodities in a well-studied approach.
More projects, achievements are ahead in the years to come.

After a modest but positive departure, we are in the course of a great journey.

Commodities trading

- Coffee
- Rubber
- Cashew nuts
- Meat And Bone Meals
- Wheat
- Pepper

Transportation, forwarding, logistics

Market intelligent, hedging and brokerage services