Vietnam is one of the original centre of rice cultivation, but surplus rice production was achieved only after the taming of the vast Mekong River Delta about 300 years ago. Today, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of rice in the world market, after Thailand . In 2009, Vietnamese rice has been exported to 120 countries and territories with quantity over 6 million tons.

However, the refrain of “good crop, bad price” keeps on existing; the rice is still exported at low price and to unstable markets. As a result, Vietnam has been reaching a big quantity of rice export, but gaining small profit.

In such above situation, ACC can provide conditions for exchanging to trade rice and to proceed with business agreements with suppliers.

There is some specification for common rice export by our company for your reference.


Specifications  5%  brokens 10%  brokens 25%  brokens
Whole Kernels (min %) 60 55
Brokens (max %) 5 10 25
Damaged Grains (max %) 0.5 1.25 1.5
Yellow/Discolored Grains (max %) 0.5 1 1.5
Chalky Kernels (max %) 4 7 8
Immature Kernels (max %) 0.2 0.2 1
Red Kernels (max %) 1 4 5
Foreign Matter 0.02 0.15 0.2
Paddy (max no. per 1,000g) 10 20 25
Moisture Content (max %) 14 14 14.5
Milling Degree Well-milled Well-milled ReasonablyWell-milled


ACC does regular trade in all the grades of rice. We would like to become a supplier to your company. Please contact us for more information