Making Their Dream A Reality

Making Their Dream A Reality


In business, we think that making profit and taking social responsibilities are two but positive sides of the entreprenuer’s course and that to-haves should share or at least help the have-nots.

In that spirit, we decided to associate with the Lucky House ( where Vietnamese orphans, abandoned or disabled children are raised, educated and vocationally trained for suitable jobs such as painters, typist, textile workers, etc..

After our previous visits to the Lucky House, we know that more work, time and money are needed to relieve and improve life and future of those children.

By becoming art sponsor with regular orders for paintings which will be used as gifts to our clients, partners, friends or for sales through our website, we expect this goal may archive.

Please joint our hands in this mission that our money, time and energy can be used for righteous and generous purpose.

Together with all from the Lucky House and management of the ACC, we would like to express to you our thanks and appreciation for your kind attention and support.


– 100% sales incomes will come to the Lucky House (account No.200014852000517 at EXIMBANK, beneficary ASSOCIATION MAISON CHANCE)

– ACC sponsors courier or delivery charge inside Vietnam. Courier out of Vietnam is for buyer’s account

– Price is not included frame

– As copies, paintings may differ from original masterpieces

– ACC waives any copy rights or loyalties claims.

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