2021 Year – end letter

2021 Year – end letter

80 years ago, on the peak of the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill has emotionally appraised “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.

Our first, deepest and most sincere gratitude are to those on the front lines against this pandemic, those have invented timely and effective vaccines and those who sacrificed their own life, time for this great and humanity cause.

“Concentrating the suspect F0 into the quarantine zone then we would not know what to do next”

“There was a de facto emergency situation with armies in town, but no emergency declared”

Quoted by top ranking communist officer of the Saigon Metropolitan.

Saigon map of salvage full of red dots showing people, families begging for necessities like a sack of rice, few tubes of vitamin or antiseptic doses, cans of fish or bottle of cooking oil…

Ambulance siren echoing days and nights……

Streets, buildings are empty due to curfew, armored vehicle and armed forces appeared on corners but for rent adv were seen on windows

Incinerators were overworked and bodies stored in cold storage.

Ashes or remains of many were delivered to relatives in shopping basket by those cursed to as the most brutal and inhuman gang in the history of mankind

From Saigon and neighborhoods, more than 2 million people, mostly at working age, evacuated bare handed heading hometown as refugees.

Some groups hit the road with a few cartons of instant noodle walking on their own feet for a destination more than 1000 miles away…

Dozens of thousand businesses closed monthly. Quarantine rules were illogical, conflicted and changed daily if not hourly.

Looking back that 2021, income and salaries of our team almost unchanged despite some KPIs were not achieved. Rules and protective measurement on pandemic were up-to-date, vaccines, test kits, mask, medical assistance were ready and available to our team and even family members.

We have participated in social activities by sponsoring vaccination, package of necessities, donations…

Our heart and tears are with those victims of this pandemic and of the mismanagement, irresponsible, lying and barbarian clique.

We pray them rest in peace and find deliverance on the Nirvana!

And we also pray this pandemic will soon be over and our life is back to normal.

We have sailed through that tearful 2021 compassionating with those suffered but raising our head for what our heart had guided us.

On the steps of 2022, a simple song once sang by the Beatles 55 years ago: ‘All you need is love”

“Nothing you can make that can’t be made
No one you can save that can’t be saved
Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time
It’s easy

All you need is love
All you need is love…”

is now sang again as chanting for the peace, love and human being aspects of life.

A life as once Alexander Perk has referred to in his famous book “The Road Less Travelled”, life is difficult but full of tastes, we chewed a lot and spit out some.

Let’s expect and enjoy the cherish life! Happy New Year 2022!!!

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