2019 Year – end letter

2019 Year – end letter

Dear All,

Same like other years, to all I wish to thank please receive from me, from ACC and his members our sincere thanks. You are customers, suppliers, and bankers, service providers, who have effectively and consistently supported and participated in the operation, management and success of our ACC in this 2019.

There are new ones to thank this year, they are architects, builders, subcontractors and inspectors who have worked closely with us in most of last year to build our new office building. To make it better, the new office is handed over to us just before the New Year and now we are moving in. So blessing…

For years, we had run our business in a very low profile and mostly on cost efficiency approach but it will come to a time when we need to improve our profile and position.

We deserve with this rewards after decades of being dedicated and cost competition.

While we are still being so, this is an extended step in our diversification strategy which I pursuit wholeheartedly.

In the first decade, we were really all in with setting up orientation, management and too much with our spearhead, soft commodities. We grew up, learnt a lots experiences, good and bad too.

The second decade witnessed a critical swift in our decision making that we aimed to diversification.

We set goals; not just to Trade but we can be a player as a service provider, supplying needful services relating to any business entitle such as legal consultation, accounting, financial service, office and virtual office for rent, logistic and forwarding services, hedging and futures transactions…

Also in the trade, we don’t just trade Softs like before, we are reaching out of the current menu and that recipe would be very unique. Our bases from different locations will source supplies from different markets synergizing by our own network.

Since we almost solve the fixed cost issue, many of our trade might be at cost (we are ready to do so) and that will be lucrative to our customers, either buyers or sellers.

Geographically, we won’t let our self just base in Vietnam. We are more and more being regional player in order to eliminate the country risk. A country in the bunch with China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela, by naming them then you know.

Napoleon once said: “Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics”. He does not mean to downgrade the importance of the tactics, same like we do so with a crop or a year plan, but means of long term approach or system building, that is other meaning of “logistics”.

That may need a decade to build and we are happy to do so….and doing so determinedly.

In 2019, all departments remain good direction and velocity, the system runs with less friction. That keeps our ACC and his holding members healthy and competitive. Above that, the Logistic department is back to the track with much more order and workload for our pipeline. New customers and interestingly from various origins and sectors of industry set relationship with us and placed their consignments. That shows the reliability of our name and the creditability from the network and beyond.

To this Feb, it will be full 03 year of my intensive travelling. I have covered about 60 international flights of about 450,000kms, that distance is more than 10 rounds around the Earth or from the Earth to the Moon. And proudly, I did it.

2019 is also the benchmark of 50 year anniversary of launching man to the Moon. And that 50 years ago, JFK has bravely stated: “We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. We choose to go to the Moon!

It is very difficult mission and we will do together “because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills”! Thank you and Happy New Year 2020!

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