2018 Year – end letter

2018 Year – end letter

Dear All,

On the doorstep of 2019, a very late storm or precisely a very early storm, the number 1, Pabuk is heading towards southern part of Vietnam, very likely to the Bay of Thailand.

After holiday, we may see how SHFE and Tocom react to this weather phenomenon but now it is good time for us to review the year behind.

In 2018, we have made a record in coffee business, notably in volume of trade, about 40,000mts. Interestingly, we don’t have to export all of those huge volume.

In coffee, our philosophy is to be effective and safe in the ring, cheerful and active on the bench and be fresh and lucrative around the stadium.

We don’t have to tumble in to win. We can box out of the ring, around the ring, in other roles, other functions…

When we don’t export, we supply to exporters and other market players. Our hedging and quality assurance service are another cards

Our shop opens earlier, our price is competitive, correct quantity and specifications and particularly our excellent service is a cherry on top of this business.

I’m very proud of Coffee desk.

What you have archived in 2018 is a Trophy to my 25 years in coffee career.

Other medal in 2018 is Finance transactions. For many times, in my astonishment, I wonder how can a huge amount of money be managed in and out on a precise, accurate and on time manner. And how creative, brilliant the derivative products, credit solutions were worked out or initiated by us!

Not only me being excited with appraisals, our customers are jealously but highly appraising. The whole credit line is happy with us, with our clock-like approach and that builds our brand name in this industry.

We own the ladies in Accounting and Financial Department a special thank for excellent service they have done, the profit and wonderful impression they made despite some minor issues on Risk management decisions.

It was rather turbulent year for Logistic. Weather adverse, market difficulties, personnel reshuffle force our clients to reduce volume of trade hence the bulk allocated to us is negatively affected. However, we share with them by being more resourceful and cost effective so as they feel our friendly companion while reaching out further, higher to other market corners for more clients, more consignments and contracts.

With our endeavors, a similar allocation for Logistic desk is maintained and this has contributed to positive picture of the year.

Knowing the importance of this business, we will keep investing more effort and resources so as this business will be ready to handle the bulk, bigger bulk once market is back to the track.

Rubber was a real underdog indeed. Some miss steps in pricing, reorganization or restructure of our regular buyers, sellers etc.. have placed us in a defensive position. It was the first time we have to accept a step back in this industry however we take it for granted.

A reasonable reinforcement will be made available in this field so as an ace will absolutely be an ace and will be proudly winged in the sky.

As you may know, on the desert, an oasis may turn out an ambush. It sounds so alertly but a mighty army will advance through that.

Some casualties there but in a war the victor is the one who archives targets at his calculated cost or with the arrival of reinforcement.

By both means, that was the way we forge ahead in Cashew nuts and MBM market. We don’t laugh at the falling of our companions nor cry on our casualties but just tactically and bravely advance ahead and hold our bridgehead firmly and securely. We are there!

You know, on my intensive travels as a milkman, not as intensive as the year before, to exploit and support our business, I have met interesting people.

25 years ago, by chance I had read a nice book, “the Road less travelled’ by Alexander Perk telling me about people, brave people who were staving in their expedition has desperately  cut and ate the wood from their boat. They did so on their heroic voyage for freedom, for future and dignity. I have met those people in real life and that enlighten me.

And that helps me always look ahead and on the other hand reset my value set.

Looking into grand picture, particularly in commodities industry, like looking into the photo of the Earth in the universe taken by the Voyage I we are less than a dot, a humble dot. But what make me so proud is the way we professionally manage our business, flexibly solve and smartly work out a solution on any matter, and the way we work together as a Team.

Even being a humble dot, we keep evolving positively and being united harmoniously as a family. Doing so, we are an enlighten and twinkling dot and we grow together.

Thank you my Team, my shining stars with my best wishes to our ACC family that the coming 2019 is a successful and blessing year to all of us!

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