2016 Year – end letter

2016 Year – end letter

Dear All,


2016 is going through the window, so fast but as fast as it used to be.


It is also very turbulent and full of tsunami, such as isolated islander`s Brexit, funny Trump to triumph, Fed hikes, Chinese yuan thievery devaluation and El Nino, all those chilly spices made our commodities hotpot full of tears and cheers.


I don`t beat the bush but state shortly that we cheered in this 2016!!!


We are very happy to announce that in accordance to Decision No. 4769/QD-BCT dated 06 Dec 2016 signed by Minister of Ministry of Trade and Industry, we, ACC, are selected as Reliable Exporter of Vietnam. The Award is based on our achievements in important categories, such as; growth and diversification of market, contract compliance and trade conduct , export volume and turnover…


Despite many rainy days and sufferings in this difficult market, our times and effort invested into coffee flowered then. Not referring to moneywise yet, diversification in client list, market orientation, trade share and policies have placed us in a better position in this industry. We neither aim to volume of trade nor ranking but very naturally network grows synergizing other criteria and very likely we are now in top of 15 exporters.


Coffee may face quality and production problem due to El Nino but we think 1st quarter of 2017 is silent night prior to next three stormy quarters. We will ride on the rollercoaster with seatbelt tightly fastened but eyes fully opened. We are positive neutral to bullish with Robusta.


Rubber is where we receive most of appraisals for our diversified menu, competitive price and ace services. Volume is a bit under expectation due to weather constraint and market hiccups. Proudly and punctually completing every bales for shipments at far below market price and swift after sales solutions are delicious turkey to thank buyers.


Stock is extremely thin while production is low. Chinese yuan keeps going down while risk appetite for commodities of this giant buyer rises. Crude is up and with world economic expansion, we expect a boom-boom in rubber market. Being positive but of course watchful, we are ready to walk in and play more roles and at higher level in this industry. Years of being underdogs banging buyers and producers doors have given us catalyst and a launching pad.


Bad lesson last year is still fresh with financial derivatives. This 2016, we still realize to optimize our portfolio and find ways to generate income despite “sound exchange rate” as boasted by feint communist bankers and let them drain the last dollars from their vault. Our belief is we will have more funs just by Jan of 2017 when they find the reserves shrinks and Chinese junks dump local market.


Let image that our logistic and brokerage had handed nearly 50,000tons of cargo through our system. Fantastic! Our effectiveness is triple competitors regarding our neat and slim organization.


Such huge volume runs smoothly through our operation in this bureaucratic and hassle system and that made our customers extremely happy for the cost and time saved.


Our partnership to tough markets like Japan, Middle East and Australia is expanding more opportunities and chances of development. We are investing more time and efforts into those promising markets.


Commodities is where tears and cheers mix and 2017 is the year when we set to gear up our vehicle, not so ambitiously nor dreamingly, but we hold firm at the bridgeheads we have taken, fortify them and ready to reach further and higher.


We are now a company of nearly 1,000billion VDN turnover and at age of 15, 2002-2016, we are young and dynamic entrepreneur.


All is ahead but set on today as the lyric from my favorite song: “Tomorrow is commencing from today…”


To all in the network where ACC is, our message is we have been together, we are NOW together and thank YOU


Thank and goodbye 2016 and we welcome 2017.

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