Brazil Frost May Curb 2017-18 Arabica Yield, Speedwell Says

(Bloomberg) — Major arabica-producing areas in Minas Gerais and northeast Sao Paulo were struck by frost Monday morning, Charleston, S.C.-based Speedwell Weather says in report Tuesday.


* In Guaxupe, Minas Gerais, temperatures fell to as low as 0.3

C (~33 F); 0.9 C at Caconde; 1.1C at Cabo Verde

* “The main risk of these cold temperatures, up to 10C below

normal, is to the crop in the next cycle as trees may be too

damaged to yield crops in the future”

* While readings will stay below avg this wk, there`s no risk

of frost

* NOTE: Sao Paulo-based Somar Meteorologia said in a report

Monday that there was “light frost” in lowland regions of

Sao Paulo and southern Minas Gerais; it cited local reports

saying damage was minimal

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