2017 year-end letter

Dear All,


While writing this letter when Tembin, the 16 storm of the season is heading to Mekong delta of Vietnam.

It is indeed a stormy but active year.


This year, after many brave and consistent debating, we had decidedly brought our pending VAT case to the Court.

It is not just a matter of tax but our transparent, professional status, our dignity and conduct as well. And we won the verdict. We are the Victor and our Name remains intact.

As God once humbly and mercifully requested the Sodom to find just 10 good deeds in order not to turn them into ashes. We don’t consider this verdict as a good Deed of the system, even it is in our advantage.


This year is also a year of the adventurous traveler as I have travelled 4 rounds around this Earth by intensive trips with about 200 transit or flying hours leaving behind roughly 180,000kms.

Mileages through the road less travelled, visiting different people, dine in unfamiliar places sounds heroic interesting but is a pain for any fainted heart.

Nevertheless we kept moving quietly but mightily like an Ice-breaker. Finding a way, to a new land, new markets is what we are designed for. The icy surface is so hard but will have to give way to our determined mindset. There is a will, there is a way!


Looking back into this 2017, Coffee was as we predicted. Riding on the roller-coaster with sit belt fully fastened but we were so dizzy (even vomited) due to the velocity, despite we are in the right direction. Quality risk is in God’s hand.

After the train stopped for a while, we had another debut and enjoyed fresh air. All is thanked to Coffee Desk. Wonderful!


Rubber is a bit underdog in volume but margin wise is fine. Better coordination is needed so as Rubber will return as an Ace as used to. And we need to expand our network too.


Cashew nut and MBM are true oasis for the adventurous and thirsty traveler to indulge. One left behind dusty days and ready to change gear.


Logistic again receives appraisal having handled a huge volume of our own or customers’ consignments. Secured warehousing, transportation, documentation and even very complicated operations made all satisfied.


Our software makes office life easier despite the workload and we will invest more to upgrade it so as we can do 150% capacity at a cost below 100%.


Our Finance Desk is excellent making cash flow at incredible speed. Money can just not sleep but rush in and out in the network. In this commodities business when decision is made in a blink, cash in a click is a plus. We even guided banks how to play with derivatives and that is our cards.


While I was holding firmly on the wheel, you guys the Team members had really given me the confidence, the support to look ahead, just to look ahead. Then we keep moving ahead together. What a Team!!!


I think saying so is a way to express my sincere thanks to you all and now All aboard again.

Bon Voyage and Happy New Year 2018!

Support Center




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